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7 Adorable Baby Girl Clemson Outfits


‘Tis the season for baby girl Clemson outfits to wear on game day!

College football is a fascinating phenomenon to watch, don’t you think.

The tail gate parties, the crowds of fans, the SPIRIT WEAR! Orange, purple, tiger paws OH MY! Clemson fans love to cover themselves in purple and orange from head to toe!

But what is there to wear for our newest and smallest fans?! 

Top 7 Baby Girl Clemson Outfits

Hold on your tiger paws ladies, these little outfits are going to have your little girl tailgating with the best of them!

Your Little Cheerleader

What is more iconic in football than beer and wings?! Why Cheerleaders of course?!

And it’s even better when they’re in cute baby girl Clemson outfits like these.

Have your little girl cheering in style in this adorable Clemson Baby Cheerleader Outfit.This two piece outfit not only looks cute, but is comfy for your smallest Tiger.

Comfort Features:

  • The elasticized waist skirt makes for easy and fast diaper changes so you don’t miss a minute of the game!
  • The sleeveless top is perfect for warmer South Carolina weather
  • Northern fan can also layer with an icings ruffle top or turtleneck!

Baby Girl Clemson Outfit Accessories

Baby girl Clemson outfits are not complete with the right accessories!

Hair Accessories

Start at the top and pair this cheerleader outfit with this Clemson Tiger Paw Hair Bow! No hair?! No problem! Use these Interchangeable Elastic Headbands and get that little head in the spirit!

Prefer polka dots? Try this Collegiate Print Hair Bow.It’s combination of polka dots and tiger paws is perfection.

Is your little girl more into flowers? Try one of these floral headbands with barefoot flowers in Purple or Orange. The barefoot flowers are worn with one strap under her foot and the other around the ankle for staying power.


Are her feet feeling lonely? Add these adorable Sequined Purple Slipper Shoes to add more purple to the ensemble! As you smart Mommas know, soft flexible shoes are the best for baby’s foot development. So help her keep her stylish and foot healthy in these cute slipper shoes.

Prefer orange? Or polka dots? These Soft Soled Crib Shoes have them both. In this shoes she’s ready to scream “touchdown!!!” with the rest of the Clemson fans.



Cute baby socks are hard to come by. Especially knee high baby socks. So pair those sweet shoes with our Soft White Baby Knee High Socks and you have a Cheerleader match made in Heaven!

Want a versatile baby sock? The Most Perfect Baby Socks in the World are our favorite. They can be pulled up as a knee sock or folded down as an ankle sock.

Prefer ruffles to bows? Try these White Knee High Baby Socks. They are high knee perfection on chubby legs.

Leg Warmers

For crawling babies, leg warmers are the best. They protect little knees but add warmth and fun to an outfit. Try these Tiger Stripe Leg Warmers or these Purple and Orange Chevron Leg Warmers on game day.


No outfit is complete without jewelry.  For the big game, add this Clemson Spirit Chewbeads Necklace. Made of silicone, like pacifiers and bottle nipples, babies love to chew on the beads. Instant relief for sore gums!

It is easily cleaned and is free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and metals. The Chewbeads Necklace can be worn by baby or Mom making it the perfect accessory!

She is Tutu Cute!

Next on our list of Baby Girl Clemson Outfits is this Clemson Spirit Wear Onesie in Orange . It is a practical yet cute addition to her Spirit Wear Wardrobe! The onesie is a staple in the wardrobes of babies around the world.

Pair it with this Super Soft Baby Tutu in Orange and you have created an outfit that is as comfy as it is cute!

Have a thing for Tutus?

Well here is another option for your Tiger. An all in one Clemson Onesie and Tutu Outfit. This is one of the Baby Girl Clemson Outfits that takes all the work out of dressing a squirming baby. That way you can get back to cheering or making game day snacks. Or better, eating them.

You’ve Had Tutu Much? What About a Classic Shirt Dress?

Meet the outfit for the girl who wants to cheer loudly but still appear classy. Here is a Classic Collared Dress made in Cotton with Clemson paw embroidery. On our list of Baby Girl Clemson Outfits, it screams sophisticated fan 🙂

Sweet and Simple

Do you love baby girl outfits that are easy to care for? Well this Baby Girl Clemson Outfit is your girl! A pretty Striped Clemson Dress in Orange and White. It has the Clemson paw and little puffed sleeves. Your girl will be able to party all night in this outfit!

 The Multitasking Outfit

Next on our list of the 7 best Baby Girl Clemson Outfits is a versatile dress. This Solid Orange Ruffle Dress can be worn for game day or any of your fall festivities! Think football, pumpkin spice lattes (yum!) and trick or treating!

Remember to dress up this blank slate with the hair accessories, jewelry and socks mentioned above. Tiger with style.

Is Purple Your Favorite Clemson Color?

Let’s end this list of the best Baby Girl Clemson Outfits with a cheer! Orange not good for your complexion?! What about this Purple Baby Cheerleading Outfit? With it’s pleated classic skirt design and attached bloomers,  your little girl will be ready to cheer (or babble!) her little heart out!

Are you Game Day Ready?

Now you must decide which of these Baby Girl Clemson Outfits must have! Who are we kidding? She can’t show up at every game of the season in the same outfit! Geez. So pick your top 2 or 3 and get her ready to party. Who knows, maybe her first words will be “All In!!!” A girl can dream right?!

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