What’s in a Name?


My Grandmother

My Grandmother passed away when my Mother was 16. By all accounts she was a strong, hard working woman who lived a life of passion for her children and family. My parents passed along her name, Millicent, to me in memory. Funny enough, for much of my life I attended a school where we were called “Millie” girls!


My husband’s story with his Grandmother is quite the opposite. She is still lively and full of fun at the ripe old age of 90. She is arguably the most influential person in his life. His childhood memories are full of adventures and fun with his Nana spanning vacations, special treats and long talks. Her middle name is May. We passed along Nana’s middle name to our daughter to honor the huge impact she has had on all of our lives.

Millie Mae

I founded Millie Mae Clothing to honor our two Grandmothers. When I hear their names I think of strength and kindness and love.  I hope to share these values with our children as they grow and take on the world.


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